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The best version of your business awaits
At the current rate the HVAC industry is growining, there’s more opportunity for your business to expand. With the right training, new employees can become essential assets to your company.

That’s where we come in. In 2019, we’re offering programs to help you invest in the potential of new hires.

NEW BuildATech® Apprenticeship

This program is coming in 2019, and will be approved by the Department of Labor. It starts with your new hire attending our flagship BuildATech four-week course. After graduation, the tech is a revenue-generating maintenance technician, and ready to go to the next stage.
Over the next three years, as your tech is learning on the job and through mentoring at your company, they’ll have access to over 251 hours of related online eCourses webinars and videos.
If your hire a U.S. military veteran who has G.I. Bill benefits remaining, the vet will have the option to use the G.I. Bill to fund a BuildATech Apprentice Program.

The average cost per callback is

The average cost of turnover is
50% - 150%
of an employee's annual salary

In-house training can cost up to

In-house training can take up to
9 months


Turn good people into great HVAC professionals

Sales and Business Management
Operations Accountability:
A two-day workshop for business owners and their managers who want to get the 15% - 20% net profit they deserve.
Business Improvement Map:
Online assessments in five categories (operations, financial, sales, technical, and marketing) to benchmarks your business against five major KPIs in each category, and see how and where to improve for greater profitability.
Dealer Coaching
On-site and customized to fit your needs.
A four-week sales program emphasizing the SCORE sales process, closing, and handling objections. It’s ideal for employees who are new to sales or new to the HVAC industry.
Master $elling®:
Three-day, intermediate course for all sales personnel with a year or more of experience. It covers new and advanced sales techniques, including how to handle pricing with ease, making the most of leads, and empowering customers with choices.


Turn your new hire into a revenue-generating technician in just four weeks. Course includes EPA and NATE testing.
Virtual BuildATech®:
Online, self-paced technical training program modeled after our successful instructor-led class.
BuildAnInstaller Instructor-Led Training:
Two-week, instructor-led class that teaches new hires to properly install and commission HVAC systems.
Virtual BuildAnInstaller:
Online, self-paced technical training program focusing on installation.
One-Day Technical Classes:
Our eight-hour tech classes are available locally at your district sales offices. Topics include: Residential Duct Design, Advanced Electrical Diagnostics, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Diagnostics, and Gas Heat Diagnostics.
Tech Communications:
Two-day class to help technicians talk to homeowners about repair and replacements, offer maintenance agreements with confidence, and build rapport and loyalty with your homeowners. This class qualifies for 16 hours of NATE continuing education credits.

The average ticket of a BuildASalesperson® graduate is

10% Net Profit
Business owners have realized 10% net profit after taking Operations Accountability

60% closing rate
after graduating from our BuildASalesperson program

Your revenue-generating maintenance tech will have a
complete rate and fewer callbacks after graduation


Micro-Learning: Change one behavior at a time
All of our new online courses are developed using micro-learning techniques. Studies have indicated that when using 5 to 10-minute daily lessons, micro-learning may be able tp change human behavior. These short online eCourses can impact mindsets, leading to behavioral change (such as using better technical practices on the job).

Easy Search
Quickly search for product or technical training in the Learning Center. Just hover Easy Search, select Technical or Product Training, and there you are. Product Training is sort by category, so you learn exactly what you need to know about each Lennox product, from Air Conditioners to Mini-Splits.

Retain more information
Studies show that people retain 20% more information from short video eCourses than from sitting in a classroom. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch and interact via online training, versus 10% retention when only reading text.

Easily Track Your NATE Hours
Using your NATE ID, you can upload your training credits from our site to NATE through the Learning Center, making it easier to track your hard-earned Continuing Education Units. Most of our technical instructor-led classes and technical online eCourses qualify for NATE Continuing Education Credits.

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