Product Families

Giving homeowners on every level value and comfort for their money.


Optimizing comfort and maximizing efficiency

When you offer matched Lennox systems, you're selling equipment that's been designed to work together efficiently. An unmatched system, however, makes it harder for homeowners to get the best from their home comfort system.


Providing flexible and customizable comfort solutions

When you sell a complete matched system, you're offering your customers an efficient solution that suits every budget. Flexible and compatible, the complete and varied Lennox line also means you can swap out products within the same line, customizing comfort for different regions and for different budgets.

Dave Lennox Signature® Collection
Elite® Series
Merit® Series

Dave Lennox Signature Logo
Transcend Your Air.

Dave Lennox Signature Collection® (DLSC) is the ultimate in creating the ideal home. From supreme efficiency to unprecedented performance, this product family delivers incomparable comfort. For those unwilling to settle for anything less than extraordinary, there is only one option: Dave Lennox Signature Collection.


XC25/XP25 air conditioner & heat pump
The most precise and efficient air conditioner and heat pump you can buy.

iComfort® S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat
The ultimate controller for precise comfort.

iHarmony® zoning
The ultimate controller for precise comfort.

SLP99V gas furnace
The quietest and most efficient gas furnace you can buy.

PureAir S air purification
The DLSC-communicating air purification system cleans the air in your home better than any other single system you can buy.

Experience the advantages of Lennox innovation

When you sell DLSC, you're giving yourself a significant advantage over the competition. That's because no other manufacturer can match DLSC products for efficiency, comfort, precision, quiet, and customer satisfaction.

When Selling the DLSC:

  • Don't focus on SEER and AFUE; they're important, but not deal breakers with this audience
  • Use emotional benefits like perfections and owning the best
  • Talk about coming home to perfect warmth on cold days, or cool refreshment on hot days
  • Promote the benefits of healthier indoor air
  • Sell the advanced technology of the iComfort® S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat, including remote access and geo-fencing

A typical DLSC customer wants:

  • The most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly products
  • A healthier lifestyle and products that fulfill it
  • The latest and greatest technology
  • Special features and advantages in the products they own
  • Consistent temperature and humidity control
  • The cleanest air they can breathe

A DLSC customer will expect these things from their system:

  • Consistent temperatures in every room
  • Outstanding comfort and energy efficiency
  • Clean, healthy air
  • Quiet operation
  • Performance reports, service reminders, and diagnostic alerts
  • Convenience of remote access via smartphone
  • Made by a brand known for innovation and supported by an expert dealer


Variable Capacity
Just the right amount of heating or cooling, even temperatures with minimal energy use

Precise Comfort®
Balanced temperature and humidity, and a higher level of comfort

A peaceful, relaxing environment

iComfort® S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat
Adaptable to their schedule to help save money

iHarmony® zoning
Customized temperature in every room

Maximized energy savings to their comfort level


Elite Series Logo

Elevate Your Air.

Elite® Series takes the Lennox promise of exceptional comfort and performance to the next level. This superior product family delivers remarkable efficiency. It's time to elevate your environment. It's time for Lennox Elite.


XC20/XP20 air conditioner and heat pump
The top of the Elite line, with true variable-capacity compressors for precise and efficient comfort.

iComfort® E30 smart thermostat
The most versatile thermostat for your comfort needs. It works with Elite non-communicating systems and non-Lennox systems, enhancing homeowner comfort, energy savings, peace of mind and convenience.

EL296V gas furnace
Variable-speed airflow and two-stage heating combine for consistent comfort and smart energy use.

CBA27UHE air handler
The high-efficiency CBA27UHE air handler contains the Quantum Coil from Lennox for improved durability against environmental contaminants.

The Elite Series product line is full of features that customers look for in a system

When you sell Elite Series product, you're offering a powerful combination of efficiency and a smart design with every system.

When Selling Elite:

  • Talk about more even temperatures and humidity control
  • Mention full line of ENERGY STAR® products from Lennox offering high-efficiency operation
  • Promote the benefit of quieter operation, with some sound levels as low as 65dB

The Elite Audience

Elite product homeowners know what they want. They're looking for products with higher performance and efficiency than the standard offering. They don't expect top of the line, but they also don't mind paying more for performance. They're going to appreciate softer lines of its appliance-line appearance.

When selling Elite, you're talking to people who:

  • Make energy efficiency a high priority
  • Don't mind spending more on improved comfort
  • Want the best mix of quality, comfort and improved energy savings

Two-stage heating
Helps avoid temperature swings in the home and provides more consistent comfort. The first stage efficiently controls temperature, while the second stage provides a stronger, faster response.

Two-stage cooling
The first stage efficiently controls temperature and dehumidifies, while the second stage provides stronger, faster response during periods of increased cooling demand.

Dual-Fuel System
Pairs an electric heat pump with a gas furnace and alternates between the two fuel sources. During the coldest weather, the furnace provides efficient heat. During mild weather, the heat pump efficiently keeps the home warm using electricity.

Power Saver constant-torque motor design
Uses less energy in both heating and cooling modes.

The Quantum Coil from Lennox
With years of rigorous testing under the most extreme conditions, our Quantum coil, featuring a proprietary aluminum alloy exclusive to Lennox, is designed to weather the harshest elements.


Merit Series Logo

Ask More from Your Air.

Welcome to the Lennox standard of excellence. Merit® Series is the introductory product line that raises the bar for heating equipment. Don't settle when it comes to the air inside your home - ask for more. Ask for Merit.


iComfort M30 smart thermostat
The simple, stylish and smart thermostat that you can trust. Designed to work with Merit systems for reliable comfort and remote control from a smart phone.

16ACX air conditioner
Two-stage operation maximizes energy savings by operating at a lower speed most of the time, ramping up during periods of increased cooling demand.

ML296V gas furnace
A 96% AFUE efficiency rating and two-stage heating efficiently warm a home.

CBA25UHV air handler
A variable-speed blower and compact design provides efficient temperature and humidity control for tight spaces.

The Merit Series gives your customers the reliable performance they want

When you sell Merit, you're giving your customers all the value they want from a company they trust. Designed and built to Lennox reliability and quality standards, Merit means that homeowners can have the peace of mind that they chose the best value in an HVAC system.

When Selling Merit:

  • Talk about strong performance and reliable comfort
  • Emphasize Lennox' stringent design and quality requirements
  • Mention years of reliable operation, providing peace of mind

The Merit Audience

Understanding the type of homeowner who buys Merit will help you guide the conversation and promote the overall benefit of buying a Lennox system.

A typical Merit customer is someone who:

  • Wants convenience of remote access via smartphone
  • Uses brand reputation to assess quality and desireability
  • Wants a wide selection of reliable products to choose from
  • Appreciates quality, but likes to spend sensibly
  • Wants the best value performance, efficiency, and dependable operation