Welcome your new technicians to the industry with our revolutionary comprehensive technical training programs. Transform new hires into revenue-generating technicians in as little as four weeks.


Three tiers of in-depth technical training. We’ve transformed the BuildATech® program into three distinct classes. Each two-week session is deeply focused on what participants need to know for that specific level.
Send your techs to the right training for where they are in their careers and get them back into the field in just two weeks.

BuildATech® Maintenance Level
Upon completion of this two-week class, participants will have the knowledge and skills to efficiently and effectively run a residential HVAC preventative maintenance call, following a thorough check sheet. They will also be able to communicate the results to the homeowner, make recommendations and offer maintenance agreements. The curriculum includes customer communication and interaction best practices, and professionalism when in a customer’s home.
Testing includes EPA 608 Certification and the NATE Core Exam.

BuildATech® Service Level
Participants who complete this two-week class will be able to perform diagnostic and repair calls on residential HVAC systems. In addition to technical service skills, the curriculum includes making recommendations in conversational terms that homeowners will easily understand. Students will practice several tech communications scenarios and learn how to transition from discussing repairs to offering maintenance agreements.
Testing includes NATE service specialties exams.

BuildATech® Advanced Level
This advanced two-week technician training program is for experienced techs who are ready to tackle root cause analysis. Upon completion, they will have the knowledge and skills to not only diagnose and fix service issues, but also to determine the root cause of the problem. This greatly reduces callbacks. The curriculum includes advanced communications skills for diplomatically handling customer situations. The training also covers load calculations, duct sizing, and making new equipment recommendations. This program equips students for lead technician or selling technician roles.
Testing includes NATE service specialty exams.

Each BuildATech® program level is two weeks of instructor-led training, which consists of 50% classroom instruction, and 50% live lab practice.


Virtual BuildATech®

Utilizing the same curriculum as our BuildATech® program, Virtual BuildATech® enables your technician to train at his or her own pace through video-based labs and innovative online 3-D simulations.

  • No matter the season, the self-paced nature of Virtual BuildATech® means you don’t ever have to sacrifice your technician for training.
  • Each training segment concludes with a proctored exam that must be passed in order to continue.
  • Upon completion, students earn their EPA certificate and prepare for the NATE exam
  • Multimillion-dollar HVAC companies use the Virtual BuildATech® program in their official onboarding and development of their technicians.

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