Welcome your new technicians to the industry with our revolutionary comprehensive technical training programs. Transform new hires into revenue-generating technicians in as little as four weeks.


Our four-week, hands-on training program is your quickest route to a professional and proficient technical staff capable of creating long-term customer relationships.

  • Graduates finish the course with a thorough understanding of technical theory, systems and controls, test equipment, diagnostics and troubleshooting, safety standards, and HVAC industry codes.
  • On average, 96% of students pass the NATE exam the first time! 100% pass the EPA exam.
  • More than half of managers were more confident in graduates’ ability to handle service calls following graduation.
  • 82% of managers reported reduced callbacks following graduates’ service calls.
  • 64% of managers reported graduates were able to troubleshoot problems faster.

Virtual BuildATech®

Utilizing the same curriculum as our BuildATech® program, Virtual BuildATech® enables your technician to train at his or her own pace through video-based labs and innovative online 3-D simulations.

  • No matter the season, the self-paced nature of Virtual BuildATech® means you don’t ever have to sacrifice your technician for training.
  • Each training segment concludes with a proctored exam that must be passed in order to continue.
  • Upon completion, students earn their EPA certificate and prepare for the NATE exam
  • Multimillion-dollar HVAC companies use the Virtual BuildATech® program in their official onboarding and development of their technicians.

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