One of the most common questions asked by consumers and HVAC Pros is, “what’s the best brand on the market today”?

It’s not quite that simple to answer. Are we discussing the best brand for the money, and is money even an issue, or who provides the best service and long-term value?

Let’s unpack the question a little.

Most HVAC Pros would agree a homeowner’s buying decision is typically based on five important touchpoints:

What’s important to you is important to us

Turns out, these are important touchpoints for HVAC Pros too! As a Pro, you want a brand that has an outstanding reputation and is known for reliability, product lines with parts in stock, a mix of pricing options, and responsive customer service. After all, your business depends on the reliability of the products you endorse and service. That’s why HVAC Pros choose Lennox!

Built on inventiveness

Since 1895, when Dave Lennox built and marketed the first riveted-steel furnace, Lennox has been building outstanding, industry-leading products that are durable, reliable and sustainable. We take pride in producing a wide range of energy-efficient, cost-effective, and innovative residential and commercial products; heating and cooling, air purification, solar solutions and comfort technology.

Digital tools to help HVAC Pros get the job done

LennoxPROs.com is your one-stop portal for HVAC equipment, parts and supplies, warranty and product information, training, and industry news and tips. Lennox’ one-step distribution model means you can order straight from us—no middle man. Our online catalog features product images, specifications, training videos and filters for easy product search.

The next time someone asks you which HVAC manufacturer they should choose, you can confidently tell them: go with Lennox.

We know you don’t have time to mess around. That’s why we’ve put our entire catalog online. Get parts and equipment shipped straight to you, or order online and pickup in your local Lennox PartsPlus store.